Top 10 Videos of 2015

Yeah, so I last did this at the end of 2011. Just noticed that playlist the other day and it holds up pretty well and was fun to do. I didn’t pay that much attention to videos this year but I was stuck in a blizzard and going through other people’s lists; there was some stuff I’ve been checking out that was pretty “zeitgeisty”, I mean I’m just journaling my own experience pretty much but it seems dumb not to mention certain things at all, like Bowie and Kendrick. But also the artists that made my year-end list made some pretty extravagant vids that I totally missed. And there was one I just threw in. It was pretty easy. Here they are in an order I thought looked good:


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新しい‥General Update for 2016

How ya doin’. In the interest of being a responsible webmaster, thought I’d throw out a what we used to call a “changelog”, a term I just googled to make sure because I guess it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone do that on their site. I still think it’s a good idea. I’m not changing much so this will be short but the recent projects are no longer that recent. So, did a screencap yesterday on my phone and I still think it looks good:


New WordPress updates offer responsive design and whatnot that make it easier to read on yr device, like tumblr does. I don’t care about that of course. I write a blog because I like blogs. You could say that what is now “old-school” blogging culture peaked around the time I started this one and “everyone” (“we”, ha) have moved on. Well, why not preserve an example of that peak? Sidebar…pisstake title…a fuckin’ Flag Counter…custom font, a footer with credits! Not saying I’m so great, but a merely shadow of greater blogs, nuked without a second thought. Look upon it and despair, or don’t, whatever.


  • Links list gets shorter all the time. I will still link to inactive blogs, but I can’t have dead links on a front page. Sad to see some long-time projs go. (If you find links to old podcasts that are dead in any old posts, hmu, I probably have ’em saved.)
  • Speaking of links and front pages, if you link to this blog, ya gotta have the www’s, or it’ll go to tumblr. Neat trick, right.
  • Speaking of tumblr, I switched the urls on the two main tumblrs. I debated killing the 「IMH/H.A.U 」 thing altogether, as a name. It was at one point, sort of a record label. But the only people who really considered it the were, until they stopped doing that some time last year. I could start making CDRs again, or tapes. The only thing stopping me is total lack of demand. But I also used to use the name on mixtapes of whatever I was listening to, so there’s the music I’m listening to. I may review some of it.
  • Speaking of speaking, I went through my own old podcasts, separated the better ones (that had a few good moments) from the ones that no one needs to hear again into another folder, deleted the folder, then shredded the recycle bin at the maximum setting. The wrong folder of course. Hmu, you probably have ’em saved. (You don’t.)
  • Anyway, I appeared on the Abstract Japan podcast, talking about J-pop vs. Metal. I could continue the podcast or not, I’m happy enough with it as a done thing but I’m pretty bummed about the site right now cause a lot of the videos are not available in America. I’m hoping this will get resolved soon. Even tho it’s really just a tumblr it’s meant to be something you can go through like a book, not just a hose of “content” to be monetized or whatever. (CD Japan never even signed me up for the affiliate program btw, they didn’t get it. “Not enough content.” But I still buy from them, when I can…who knows how long that will last, we live in a harsh and disturbing universe where change cannot really be controlled, and I actually have server bills to pay…) But enough about me.


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