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Had a dream last night I was in the mob. I was the driver for a hitman. Dropping him off at the mall, he told me to be in the the exact spot in exactly 42 minutes. I said no problem, went home and took a nap. (I don’t think I’ve ever gone to sleep and woken up in a dream before.) It was 10:45 at night. I was on my way out the door when the dream ended. This could still work out. He’ll understand I’m just not that punctual, right? What time was it when I dropped him off anyway? The mall’s only 15 minutes away. It’ll be cool.

Another related dream had me as the hitman having shot a girl. I didn’t shoot her in the dream, it had already happened. The problem was, she lived so she moved in with me. It was an understandably tense living situation, especially since I hadn’t figured out if she was really that tough to survive or if she was really a zombie. We decided to make out. Zombies are not known to trick people into making out with them before killing them but it still seemed like a possibility. Yet, it was a risk I was willing to take. I woke up.


One day I was driving with my father. There was a car show nearby or something, so we’re riding down the turnpike or wherever and there’s suddenly classic cars all over the road. My father can name the make and model year of almost any car. “Wow, a ’59 Ford! A ’69 Chevy! What’s that…a ’77…uh…what year were you born?”

So…my sister had a kid last week. Her second but the the first boy. I’m not going to be blogging family news and issues but I feel like if this blog sticks around (it exists mostly to get me to stick with something) when this kid gets old enough to read it, that it doesn’t seem like the event of his birth is trivial compared to details about artifacts of pop culture. Happy birthday, Owen.


A record review blog would be a great distraction for someone with a boringly stable, well-figured out life. It’s a running joke that I never get to it but it really can’t be a priority. This is the thing with the photography too. I kinda hate saying that I gave up getting better at it. I really had a passion for it for a long time, it seemed like my thing. But it’s everyone’s thing now. I used to shoot multiple rolls of film a week. There’s nothing special about shooting a lot now, it costs nothing. It’s like having a lot of records. Just having a collection was used to be a thing. Everyone has a great collection now. You’ve got to do something extra. It sucks, but I’m not having kids. I gotta do something. I’m not one of these people that thinks they’re special and that everything they do is great. I need to be the best at something. It’s not at simple as that, but…oh shit maybe it is as simple as that. Yeah, I guess that’s that. Time to sweep some floors. %

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